LG G Flexible Phone - 3 Minutes to Heal +Translation, All Functions

This is about LG G Flex. All Functions, information. 

Temperature 27.4 degree
Bronze Brush = 500g
Heal in 2 minutes
750g = Heal in 3 minutes

-Brief Translation
World First Flexible Battery.
Self Heal in few minutes.
Samsung = Good to grab / LG = Good to watch
Huge Flexible TV will release on the next year. World First.


at 00:23, Flexible Display is growing fast!
at 00:40, is this a joke? there were many negative opinions!
at 02:30, best curve. 700R!
at 03:00, the speaker doesn't hit the ground!
at 03:50, Flexible Battery! is this unstable? No. it's Stack N Folding Technology. 

at 04:50, High Density Molecular Structure fill itself. it is innovative technology. The Phone will be fresh everyday like new phone.

at 04:56, 40kg Object pushed it 100 times. nothing changed. 

at 00:20, QShutter, you can watch video like theater with curved screen.

at 00:50, Dual Window, you can use 2 screens in 6 inch screen. Multi-Tasking.
at 01:25, Slope

at 02:00, Auto Face Detector, when it becomes green, it detects face. it has functions of note or g2.

Official English page Fully translated.

i want to make Flexible Mouse like my melting mouse logo..

will it be the future? lol But I don't have money to invent anything..
Imagine a mouse with self healing function/material..

if i am rich or own a company, i could try it lol..
i am poor so i would make one sample model and get popular with it (even if it doesn't work really, the shape is mouse). i would not need many money to make it. and release it for real if experts come to me or start a kickstarter.
there is korean company that makes flexible models.
they make only phone? what a waste..

Surrealism is the future!?

Other sites post very simple news without translation n footage.
They make a lot of money. 
But My post is way better than them.
But i can't make money to live by doing it.
Is this world killing better things or just retarded?
Even if i can't make money, i hope wise people read my post..

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