Tree of Savior, Wolfknights Gameplay Videos at Gstar 2013

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Tree of Savior looks so like Ragnarok!

80 Characters - 10th advanced job! (first job, second job, third job.....)

-It is not dot art. it is 3D graphics with various costumes and actions.
-Map has many floors.
-10th advanced job will be playable on OBT.
-There are classes that you can't get easily because of hard condition.
-There will be over 200 kinds of boss monster. 
-You can customize stats(attributes), skills, class.
-You don't need to follow route, quest.
-There are raids. low level characters can join raid. there is active match making.

-There will be advanced community system.
-Time Line Field Chat (You can save past chat), Instant multi Chat(It is like KakaoTalk), You can write daily log.

-They show you statistics and ranking. 
Team, Level, Class, Gears, Achievement, Server Ranking
-This will be a very active community game.

-Its name was Project R1
-They will do FGT on 2014.02.xx (FGT = Focus Group Test)
-NHN Entertainment was going to publish it but IMC Games took the copyright again. They will publish it themselves or find new publisher.

 -Daily log

 (the window looks a bit like black desert's transparent window.

This is the true Ragnarok 2.

It doesn't look like granado espada!

Kim Hakkyu Interview +English Subtitle

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